Who is John Paul Sarkisian? All About the Father of Cher

John Paul Sarkisian was the father of Cher, the iconic singer, actress, and cultural icon. Despite his relatively low public profile, his connection to Cher has kept interest alive in his life and legacy. Born on March 23, 1926, in Oakland, California, Sarkisian’s journey through life was marked by its trials and triumphs. However, it’s his connection to Cherilyn Sarkisian, better known as Cher, that etches his name into the annals of fame.

As the father of Cher, John Paul Sarkisian contributed to the world not just through his endeavors, but also by nurturing and influencing the talent and resilience of his daughter. Cher’s rise to prominence as a singer, actress, and cultural icon was undoubtedly shaped by the experiences and values instilled in her by her father. Despite any challenges they faced, the bond between father and daughter left an indelible mark on both their lives and the world of entertainment.

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Profile Summary

Full NameJohn Paul Sarkisian
Date of BirthMarch 23, 1926
Place of BirthOakland, California
Date of DeathJanuary 28, 1985
Place of DeathFresno, California
OccupationTruck Driver
ParentsGhiragos “George” Sarkisian and Siranousch “Blanche” Dilkian
SiblingsLouise B. Sarkisian and Elizabeth Sarkisian
SpouseJackie Jean Crouch (Georgia Holt) (m. 1945)
ChildrenCher (born Cherilyn Sarkisian)
Notable RelationsFather of Cher, iconic singer and actress
Career HighlightsWorked as a truck driver, witnessing the changing landscape of mid-20th century America
Marriage HighlightsMarried Georgia Holt, a singer, actress, and model
Notable Events– Sued Cher for $4 million over defamatory statements in magazine articles
– Relationship with Cher marked by periods of estrangement and reconciliation
LegacyDespite a tumultuous relationship, influenced and shaped Cher’s resilience and determination
Cultural ImpactConnection to Cher has kept interest in his life and legacy alive

Early Life and Background

John Paul Sarkisian came into the world on March 23, 1926, in Oakland, California, a bustling city known for its diverse population and vibrant culture. Growing up in the heart of the Bay Area, Sarkisian was surrounded by the rich tapestry of American life, influenced by the melting pot of cultures that defined California in the early 20th century.

Sarkisian’s roots traced back to Armenian heritage, a cultural legacy that would shape his identity and worldview. His parents, Ghiragos “George” Sarkisian and Siranousch “Blanche” Dilkian, instilled in him values of hard work, resilience, and family loyalty. With two sisters, Louise B. Sarkisian and Elizabeth Sarkisian, John Paul Sarkisian grew up in a tight-knit family environment, laying the foundation for the relationships that would define his life.

Career as a Truck Driver

John Paul Sarkisian’s career path led him to become a truck driver, a profession that was both emblematic of blue-collar America and crucial to the functioning of the nation’s economy. Behind the wheel of his truck, Sarkisian traversed the highways and byways of America, carrying goods from coast to coast and witnessing firsthand the ever-changing landscape of the country he called home.

As a truck driver in mid-20th century America, John Paul Sarkisian experienced the freedom of the open road, along with the challenges and hardships that came with life on the move. Long hours behind the wheel, away from family and home, were balanced by the camaraderie of fellow drivers and the sense of purpose that came from being part of a vital industry.

Marriage to Jackie Jean Crouch (Georgia Holt)

In 1945, John Paul Sarkisian took a significant step in his personal life by marrying Jackie Jean Crouch, who would later become known as Georgia Holt. Their union marked the beginning of a new chapter for Sarkisian, one that would intersect with the world of entertainment in unexpected ways.

Georgia Holt, formerly Jackie Jean Crouch, was more than just John Paul Sarkisian’s wife; she was a multifaceted talent in her own right. Born on June 9, 1926, in Kensett, Arkansas, Holt pursued a career in the entertainment industry, showcasing her singing, acting, and modeling skills to audiences across the country.

Relationship with Cher

On May 20, 1946, Cherilyn Sarkisian, later known simply as Cher, was born into the Sarkisian family in El Centro, California. From her earliest days, Cher was destined for greatness, inheriting not only her parents’ talents but also their resilience and determination. Despite the challenges her family faced, Cher’s childhood was marked by moments of joy and creativity, laying the foundation for her future as an entertainment icon.

The relationship between John Paul Sarkisian and his daughter Cher was complex, shaped by both love and conflict. While Sarkisian undoubtedly took pride in Cher’s success, their relationship was not without its challenges. Cher once described her father as charming but acknowledged his troubled past, including brushes with the law and personal demons. Despite their differences, there was an undeniable bond between father and daughter, one that would endure despite the trials they faced.

As Cher’s star continued to rise, the strain on her relationship with her father became more pronounced. Differences in lifestyle, values, and personal struggles drove a wedge between them, leading to periods of estrangement and reconciliation. Despite their tumultuous history, both Cher and John Paul Sarkisian remained connected by blood and shared experiences, a testament to the enduring power of family ties.

Legal Disputes and Controversies

In a turn of events that underscored the complexities of their relationship, John Paul Sarkisian once sued his daughter Cher for $4 million over defamatory statements made in magazine articles. Cher’s candid remarks about her father’s past, including allegations of gambling and drug addiction, sparked a legal battle that further strained their already fragile relationship. The lawsuit, while ultimately resolved, served as a public reminder of the deep-seated issues between father and daughter.

The legal disputes between John Paul Sarkisian and Cher had far-reaching consequences, not just for the individuals involved, but for their entire family. Tensions ran high as accusations flew and personal grievances were aired in the public arena. While the legal battles may have been settled in court, the emotional wounds they left behind lingered, casting a shadow over the Sarkisian family’s legacy.

Personal Life and Legacy

On January 28, 1985, John Paul Sarkisian passed away at the age of 58 in Fresno, California, the city where he had spent much of his life. His death marked the end of a chapter in the Sarkisian family saga, leaving behind a legacy that was as complex as the man himself. Despite the challenges he faced and the controversies that surrounded him, Sarkisian’s impact on his daughter Cher and the world of entertainment was undeniable.

In the years since his passing, John Paul Sarkisian’s influence on Cher’s life and career has continued to reverberate. While their relationship may have been fraught with difficulties, there is no denying the role he played in shaping the woman and the artist Cher would become. His legacy lives on in the music, films, and cultural contributions of his daughter, a testament to the enduring bond between father and daughter, even in the face of adversity.

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John Paul Sarkisian’s life was a testament to the complexities of family, fame, and the human experience. From his humble beginnings as a truck driver to his role as the father of one of entertainment’s most enduring icons, Sarkisian’s journey through life was marked by its share of highs and lows. While his relationship with his daughter Cher may have been tumultuous at times, it was also defined by love, resilience, and an unbreakable bond that transcended the trials they faced. As we reflect on Sarkisian’s legacy, we are reminded of the power of family, forgiveness, and the enduring legacy of love.

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