Crushing Challenges in OSRS: The Toughest Quests to Conquer!

Attention, adventurers everywhere! Get ready to conquer the most formidable OSRS quests in the land of Gielinor. Of course, any Old School Runescape gamer would know that questing is a vital part of the game since heaps of cool items and locales await you after completing the OSRS quest challenges. Gear up with U7BUY’s OSRS GP for sale. You’ll need them!

Currently, there are 164 quests in Old School Runescape; if you’re a hardcore gamer, I’m sure you’d want to know which quests have the highest OSRS quest difficulty; well, you’re in luck! Just keep reading to find out. Get one of U7BUY’s stacked OSRS accounts for sale for the best experience.

One Small Favour

Doing one small favor for someone might not seem like much; however, this OSRS quest will have you running all over Guelinor, doing everyone small favors. You’ll have to complete each task you’ll be given so that you can complete the original one. Some will be tedious and difficult.

If you’re up for the challenge, you should probably get ready to cover a large part of Gielinor. You might even end up forgetting which items people needed, frustrating, right?

Sins of the Father

Explore the dark and desolate city of Darkmeyer and vanquish multiple vampires and powerful bosses. What makes the OSRS quest difficulty high for Sins of the Father is the final boss, who’ll have a combat level of 413! This will be one difficult boss to beat, especially for low to medium-level players.

There’s also a stealth mission where you’ll have to avoid being spotted while staying close for the encounter to work, not to mention the Temple Trekking minigame, where you’ll have to keep your allies safe until they reach their destination. This OSRS quest sounds like a lot of fun, but is much harder than it seems.

Monkey Madness 2

This is a grand master quest and is NOT for the average player, as it requires very high stats. You’ll face multiple demi-bosses, each more formidable than the last. What’s more, you’ll find yourself solving intricate puzzles on an airship, “What’s so hard about that?” Get caught, and you’ll have to start over again, so good timing is necessary.

The final boss will be a pain. He has three phases for you to beat. Even skilled players often fall at the hands of this boss. Tread carefully!

Dragon Slayer 2

Face-off against deadly dragons in this epic OSRS quest. It might sound incredible, but just wait until you battle them. Join forces with the strongest and bravest adventurers to take down a new threat that faces the land. As usual, you’ll fight bosses, solve puzzles, survive dangerous environments, and, ultimately, face a boss that’s considered the strongest quest boss in Old School Runescape.

Desert Treasure 2

Coming in hot is Desert Treasure 2, the sequel to Desert Treasure 1 and billed by Jagex as the most brutal OSRS quest! This quest is for highly skilled players, as you will have to fight while moving and be able to switch your protection prayers quickly. Lose focus for just a second, and you will pay the price.

Did I mention that you’ll have to battle four high-level bosses? This quest is for the brave at heart. Are you one of them?


It’s time to prove yourself by conquering the toughest OSRS quests. Goodluck adventurer! You’ll need it.

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